Rent an Aircraft  

Rent an Aircraft   

If you are a “Cirrus Rated Pilot” you can rent the Cirrus for your own training purposes or for pleasure. 

If you are not a “Cirrus Rated Pilot” you and your friends can still enjoying the pleasure of flying a Cirrus accompanied by rated instructor 

You can rent by hours or you can buy a package to be used during a certain period of time as per below table:  




> 1 < 5 hrs

5 days

360 € / h

> 5 < 10 hrs

10 days

330 € / h

> 10 < 25 hrs

Within 90 days

300 € / h

> 25 < 50 hrs

Within 90 days

285 € / h

-Packages < 10 hours: must be consumed in consecutive days
-Packages > 10 hours: could be consumed within 90 days subject to availability and if not booked by other pilots.

*Special package*
You can Rent Cirrus For one entire day at 900 euro which includes 3 hours fly  , additional hours at 280 euro .


Pilot Requirements to be a “Cirrus Rated Pilot” 

  1.  Pilots shall have at least a FAA Private Pilot certificate with appropriate category, class, and type rating if required;
  2.  Instrument rating for airplanes (optional)
  3.  Pilots shall hold at least a current third class medical certificate issued under provisions of 14 CFR Part 67.
  4.  Pilots shall show evidence of satisfactorily passing all required FAA flight checks in accordance with provisions of 14 CFR Part 135. All pilots shall meet the currency requirements of 14 CFR 61.57.
  5.  Pilot flying hours shall be verified from certified pilot records. Further verification of flying hours may be required at the discretion of the Lessor
  6.  Each pilot shall, at the discretion of the Lessor, pass a flight evaluation check. The flight check shall be in an aircraft supplied by the Lessor. The satisfactory completion of the evaluation flight shall not  substitute for any of the total flight hour requirements listed in this agreement.
  7.  Prior to performance under the terms of this agreement, the Lessor shall ensure that all pilots are trained and proficient in the operation and programming of all avionic systems as installed in the aircraft  assigned: Perspective, G1000 or superior
  8.  Pilots shall have recorded minimum flying time as pilot-in-command as follows: 400 hours total pilot time. 30 hours in category within the preceding 12 months.

 For more details ask for “Rental Agreement for Private use and not for Public air transportation


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